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      Company Profile

      ★China Light Industry Xi'an Design Engineering Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ZQXASJ) is a subsidiary of China Haisum Engineering Co. Ltd. Its former name was China National Light Industry Xi’an Designing Institute (CNLIXDI), which was founded in 1958. According to modern corporate system, in early 2003, CNLIXDI was re-organized into ZQXASJ—a limited liability company, which is a state-owned knowledge—,technology—,and management & trial run—intensive enterprise providing engineering design, consultation, construction supervision, management, trial run and turnkey projects for clients all over the world.

      ★ZQXASJ has state-authorized Class A permits to carry out activities covering the fields of light and textile industry designing, engineering consultant service, construction cost, environmental impact assessment, construction supervision and the fields of electrical power, electrommunication, radio and television, chemical engineering, petrochemical engineering, pharmacy, agricultural and forestry products, commerce, material and grain infrastructures, public utilities, municipal planning, labor safety evaluation, pressure vessels, pressure piping. ZQXASJ also has authorized permits to do business in the fields of project bidding acting, turnkey projects and foreign project contracting services.

      ★ZQXASJ has a contingent of high-caliber technology and management. At present, it has more than 300 engineers and technicians specializing in many fields,including 12 specialists enjoying the privilege of special government allowance,12 registered national advisory (investment) engineers, 38 registered national chemical engineers, 18 registered national common plant engineers, 6 Class A registered national architects, 2 registered national planners, 28 Class A registered national structural engineers, 11 registered national evaluation engineers, 31 registered national supervision engineers, 2 registered national geotechnical engineers,11 registered national environmental impact assessment (EIA) engineers, 1 certified public accountant (CPA),5 registered national construction engineers. It also has a technical force specializing in many fields,including pulp & paper making, sugar making ,food, biochemistry, daily silicate, leather, chemical engineering, agricultural & forestry products, machinery, logistics, textile, automatic control, architectural construction, general layout planning & transportation, electricity generating & supplying, heating, water supply & drainage works, environmental protection projects, HV & AC, refrigeration, cost-effectiveness analysis, engineering cost estimation, electronics and communications, construction project supervision, project management and turnkey projects.

      ★We always offer consultant service, design service and later period service for our clients, involving fields of food and fermentation, pulp & paper making, sugar making, leather and light industry, agro-product and by-product processing, animal product processing, civil architecture and public works and have gained rich experience in those fields. Over the past few years, we have advanced further in the fields of bio-energy, thermal power plant, environmental protection, turnkey projects and project management, as well as we can provide all kinds of service in those fields.

      ★For the past 5 decades,we have undertaken more than 3000 large and medium sized projects covering the fields of light and textile industries, chemical engineering, electric power, pharmacy, municipal works, environmental protection and civil architectures. Our business covers more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the People’s Republic of China and Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Belarus, Turkmenistan and other regions. So far, we have made important contribution to the development of light industry and textile industry both home and abroad and more than 60 awards have been conferred on our company by the state, ministries concerned and provincial government.

      ★ZQXASJ has a well-organized structure, perfect technological, deal, production, financial and management operating system. In 2000, our company received certificate of the quality management system of GB/T19001-ISO9001 authorized by China Design (Beijing) Quality System Assurance Center. We have become electronicized, networked and informationized in our daily production and management.

      ★ZQXASJ adheres to its quality policy of “Scientific Management, Quality First, Domestic Top Class, Clients’ Satisfaction” and is prepared to provide all-round quality services through the entire process of project construction for clients home and abroad.

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